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This document is the community rules and regulations ( step#2). Please do not attempt to complete it unless you have time to finish it at one sitting. This form will not be Autosaved.


 To complete the E-signatures of the community rules and regulations (Step#2), please follow these instructions:


  1. Log in to your TenantEv account
  2. Log in to your account using your email and password
  3. On the applications screen, click on your application
  4. Under pending , click on Start "Sign the community agreement"
  5. At the Top of the first page, click on the green button (get started/next  
  6. Click on the green button (next) after each initial. It will take you to the next file  
  7. Once finished, please click the “FINISH & SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY” button above 
  8. You, and the co-applicant (if applicable) will  need to sign it electronically and will receive a separate email from no-reply@tenantevaluation.com with a link to download the document