Tenant Evaluation LLC runs a soft-hit credit inquiry with either TransUnion FICO Score 4 algorithm OR Equifax FICO Score 8 algorithm, which is standard in the lending industry. Most of the time when realtors/applicants run their own credit, they use a different bureau and/or Scoring algorithm, which will be the reason for the score being different.

Please note that we can not guarantee the score and re-running the credit may lower the score.

The credit scores that are pulled from online websites (such as freecreditreports.com, CreditKarma, CreditWise etc.) use a different algorithm from what is standard. These credit reports are "consumer based" reports instead of a "business model based” report pulled by lenders, such as mortgage and auto industries.

Websites such as the Plus Score or VantageScore or ResidentScore use a different scoring algorithm instead of the FICO. In order to compare apples to apples, the applicant will need to pull the same credit report that we did and make sure all of the information is accurate. Please remember that credit scores may not change too much within a small period of time, as each lender (CreditCard, Auto loan, Mortgage etc) sends information about payments or new accounts to the credit bureaus once a month.

**We are unable to change/edit the information reported, as the record and score comes directly from the credit bureau. The applicant can contact (TransUnion/Equifax) directly in regards to any questions or updates needed.

Please note that Tenant Evaluation does not make approval decisions on any application. If you have questions about your approval decision, please contact the Association/Condominium directly.