As you embark on the application process, please ensure you have the following information readily available:

  • Social Security number or Passport number
  • Moving address (The address you are applying to)
  • Current address
  • Current and past landlord information
  • Real estate agent details
  • Personal references
  • Employer information (Name, Email, and Phone Numbers)
  • Pet Information (If Applicable)
  • Vehicle information (including tag number, make, year, and model)

Please Note: If the community requires a Credit Report, a Soft or Hard inquiry Equifax FICO Score 8 Algorithm or a TransUnion FICO 4 Algorithm will be processed. Please contact us if you would like to know which Algorithm your community uses. The credit scores that are pulled on online websites (such as, CreditKarma, CreditWise etc.) use a different algorithm from what is standard. These credit reports are "consumer based" reports instead of a "business model based” report pulled by lenders, such as mortgage and auto industries. Lenders use the standard in the industry which is the FICO score, the same score that we process for the applications and lenders will not accept a report ran through a website due to the same reasons. Websites use a scoring algorithm such as the Plus Score or Vantage score instead of the FICO.

We want to emphasize that all documents requested during the application process are requested by the specific association you are applying to. If you encounter any challenges in providing specific documents or if you are uncomfortable sharing particular information, please reach out directly to the association or contact us at It's important to note that Tenant Evaluation is not responsible for determining which documents to collect and cannot make decisions about documents without the association's explicit consent.