To complete the E-signatures, please follow these instructions:

*If an application has two applicants, the first applicant will need to submit the electronic signatures first. Then the secondary applicant will have access to submit their portion of the electronic signatures.

*When signing the documents, please click the blue "Start/Next" button on the top left corner of every page. This action will automatically highlight the required fields in red. Please do not scroll down while signing.

*In the bottom left corner, you will find a red banner displaying the number of completed fields out of the total required fields. For example, it may show "15/25" indicating 15 completed out of 25 required fields.

*Please do not leave any required fields empty. If a question does not apply to you or you don't know the answer, you can enter "NA" as a placeholder.

  1. Sign in to your existing account using your email and password at 


    2. Click on "View or Resume my applications"

    3. On the "My Applications" screen, locate and click on the application you created.

    4. Under the PENDING tab, click on SIGN NOW which is next to"Sign property agreement"

    5. After agreeing to the prompted message, select your signature style and click on ''SIGN''    6. On each page, click the blue "Start" button on the top left corner.

    7. Proceed by clicking the blue "Next" button after each field. The system will automatically navigate to the next field.

    8. Ensure that all required red fields are completed. If a question does not apply or you don't know the answer, use "NA" as a placeholder.

    9. Once finished, click the "FINISH" button at the end of the document.

    10. After returning to your dashboard, navigate to the "Completed" tab. You will find a fully signed copy of the document available for download.

Please note that once the electronic signatures are submitted, the application fee becomes non-refundable due to automatic service initiation.

If you are experiencing issues please contact us at and we will promptly assist you.