To upload documents, please follow these instructions:

1. Log in to your TenantEv account at :

2. On the applications’ screen, click on your application number

3. if documents are pending, it will appear the following message  "You have some tasks pending to be completed"

4. Click in the pending tab, then click on "Upload Now " button

4. Drag each document from your Desktop/computer, or click on the box on your mobile device to select a document from your computer/mobile

You will be able to upload multiple documents into each missing upload.  The maximum document size limit for uploads is 20MB, and the supported formats are PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP

Once uploaded, you will see the % of uploaded documents. We will review the document and complete the requirement. If incomplete, we will inform you of any missing items. Please allow 24-48 business hours for the document/s to be reviewed.