In most cases, associations require all individuals aged 18 and above, intending to reside in the property, to submit an application. We highly recommend confirming the specific requirements of the community you are applying to. This step will prevent any misunderstandings regarding who should be the applicant.

What about co-signers? Concerning co-signers, if you're uncertain about whether the co-signer should apply, as mentioned earlier, we recommend contacting the association. They will provide guidance on who should proceed with the application.

How do I add my children? To include your children, complete the initial form before reaching the payment section. Specifically, on step number 5 for additional information, you can provide the necessary details. → Getting Started with your Application

We strongly recommend reaching out directly to the community for precise information about the application criteria. By contacting them, you can obtain the necessary details and receive guidance tailored to their specific policies and guidelines, ensuring a smooth application process.