At Tenant Evaluation, your security is our priority. In the scenario of uploading your income documents, you will be providing files that contain sensitive information, such as your Social Security Number(s), your Routing Number(s), and your Transaction History. By sending these types of forms to your intended Community, you are subject to the risk of data loss and identity theft.

Therefore, we have partnered with Finicity, a subsidiary of MasterCard, to provide an Income Verification tool that is convenient, accurate, and secure and created with the highest level of encryption in mind, our Verification Tool ensures that only the data is relevant to your application is forwarded to the Association. 

Sensitive information, such as your log in credentials, account numbers, or routing numbers are never visible to either Tenant Evaluation or the community you are applying for. 

Finicity - Powered by MasterCard is a third-party company that will be able to read the transactions reflected in the selected bank account(s). After collecting the information and analyzing the data, the system provides a report so that the Proof of Income task will be completed.

With our instant verification, Tenant Evaluation will link your income source account in a seamless and secure environment, to automatically generate a detailed financial report. This report will be used by the Association to review your financial situation and make an informed decision on your application approval.

As mentioned, Tenant Evaluation will never have access to the applicant's banking credentials. All we would need is for the applicants to grant the bank permission to share the income data required for the verification

Q: How does Tenant Evaluation keep my data safe?

We use the highest level of encryption to ensure that your data is carried directly to the bank in the most secure manner. During the process, your banking credentials are not visible to Tenant Evaluation. We prioritize the safety of your data.

Q: What is the advantage of the income report compared to uploading documents manually?

Uploading Income Documents means sending documents that contain sensitive information, such as Social Security Numbers, Routing Numbers, and Transaction History. Sending such forms to your intended community opens a risk of data loss and identity theft using the Income Report, the community only receives information that is relevant to your application social Security Numbers, Routing Numbers, Transaction History, and similar categories of personal information are never accessed nor shared with the community in addition, the results of the Income Report are instantaneous, and do not depend on references who may or may not answer our requests.

By using the Income Report through Finicity - Powered by MasterCard, the Community will only receive information that is relevant to your application. In this way, Social Security Number(s), Routing Number(s), Transaction History, and other similar categories of personal information are never accessed or shared with the Community.

Q: How long has Tenant Evaluation been in business?

Tenant Evaluation opened its doors in 2007. Ever since we serve a growing client base of over 25,000 communities across 50,000applications.All throughout our time in the business and going forward, we are committed to ensuring your data is kept safe.

Q: What are the income details that are related to my intended community? 

Using Finicity-Powered by MasterCard, your Income Report is composed of your Average Annual Income, Current Bank Balance, and deposit History. The Income Report is created from the bank account you select, so make sure to choose the account that best suits the task of IncomeVerification.

Q: How does the Income Verification Tool verify my place of employment?

As the Income Report links with your Deposit History, payment from your place of employment and the exact source, such as the company name, will be included.