In order to re-run either your TransUnion or Equifax credit, please complete the below Dispute link requesting specifically that you want Tenant Evaluation to proceed with reopening & re-running your credit. The system will only allow us to reopen the application 30 days from the original closed date. Please note that we can not guarantee the score and re-running the credit may lower the score.

Tenant Evaluation LLC runs a soft-hit credit inquiry with either TransUnion FICO Score 4 algorithm OR Equifax FICO Score 8 algorithm, which is standard in the lending industry.

Keep in mind, an extra fee may incur & additional information may be requested to confirm identity before re-running a credit. Only the applicant can request their own credit to be re-ran. Once received, Tenant Evaluation will begin the disclosure process to investigate the consumer report. Processing time is a minimium of 48 business hours from the submission date.

**We are unable to change/edit the information reported, as the record and score comes directly from the credit bureau. The applicant can contact (TransUnion/Equifax) directly in regards to any questions or updates needed.


    STEP #1: Go to

    STEP #2: Complete the questionnaire

    STEP #3: E-Sign, Confirm your Signature & Submit the Form