To enter/update the owner/seller's contact details, please see the following:

*Please note that, once you enter the owner/seller´s contact details, an email will be sent to the entered email address. Please advise the specific owner/seller to have a look in the SPAM folder.

1. Log in to your TenantEv account at:

2. Click on View or resume my application(s)

3. On the applications screen, click on your application number

4. If documents/information are pending, it will appear the following message  "You have some tasks pending to be completed"


5. Please click on Verification and edit or enter the owner/seller´s contact details

If you have any issues during this process, please let us know the following details and we will be happy to internally update it into your application, in order to get the Owner/Seller's E-signatures:

  1. Owner Name   
  2. Owner Email   
  3. Owner Phone